Wednesday, March 23, 2011


LOUIS PERCIVAL - DRUMS (photo Danielle Nemet)

In January of 2011 Michael McLean moved to Oxford, England. Until he returns I will continue to propagate the music of ZACHT AUTOMAAT. I play solo shows sometimes, with piles of 1/4 tape machines, oscillators and whatnots. For this particular show, however, I asked my esteemed friend LOUIS PERCIVAL to play drums with me. The song is a 20 minute theme and variation of melodies on top of a 5/4 bass-line that never changes (played on the organ). I had a tape loop with a little fluttery colour, but played everything else on two organs. I played the first half with UNIVOX drum machine and the second with PERCIVAL. This is a slightly edited tape recording of the second half.

HALF AUTOMAAT LIVE at Double Double Land Feb 26 2011

To provide some contrast, we played LOVE IN OUTER SPACE by Sun Ra as an 'encore'. Despite me fucking up the bassline and overall feeling a little stiff I am happy to present a small moment in space and time dedicated to SUN RA and his healing rays.

Love In Outer Space Live

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