Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have been busy busy finishing the 9th and 10th ZACHT AUTOMAAT albums (based on recordings made with Michael John McLean in 2011), producing some recordings for SLIM TWIG [BAND] for a 4-way split 12", practicing for SLIM TWIG live shows and getting a series of discreet live solo sets together and making a solo record based on that material.   This is all good stuff.  

I played solo on April 1st at DDL for our fundraising event (emergency rehearsal space renovation) and incorporated some new uncharacteristic rhythm loops.   I borrowed a variable ring modulator, too.   Success?   Who knows.   I had a good time and never felt the creeping panic of a set in danger of derailing totally (normal feelings).   I got to play third this time.   My convoluted and rather precarious set-up leads me to seek opening spots, generally, as I can then prepare at my leisure.   However, nobody ever shows up on time!   So I took the chance and pushed for a later set and did in fact manage to get it together.  Also, I performed standing up, another first.   It's nice to be able to wander a bit...   Many thanks to everybody for their help!!   The 2 evening show was made up exclusively of bands and individuals who share a practice space in the east end (from my perspective) of town.   This might seem like poor event curation but there is some common sentiment to all these people (it is perhaps a well curated rehearsal space) that made it cohesive despite the inclusion of Hip Hop, anarchic rock, shambling joyful pop, tape collage, country-rock, hardcore and more.   

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  1. Success? Yes, it was! One of my favorite sets, for real.