Thursday, August 1, 2013

ZACHT AUTOMAAT live @ DDL July 27, 2013


Here is a good chunk of our set from last weekend, filmed by Ayal Senior (fully investigate his 300+ live footages if you can). This is the blurry and explosive portion with added dynamics generated by Colin on percussion and sax. The part where I appear to angrily say NO as though to a child reaching toward ANOTHER cookie when the appropriate amount of cookies has been consumed already should not be misinterpreted as I was merely mouthing the word 'SLOW' as emphatically as possible to a McLean apparently indecisive about the next movement of the composition (the slow bit, not the next bit). What appear to be tears is actually sweat (it was very hot) and the expression on my face is not anger but the odd look you get when holding an imaginary cigarette out of the corner of your mouth so the smoke doesn't get in your eyes. I have spent so much time hunched over keyboards smoking that my face does that now even if I don't smoke. That's the reality of documentation for you. Also, I would have edited out the slippery bits to make us look awesome and turned up the bass as well. Maybe I could have made us look less ragged and dazed, shabby and confused... but this is how it all happened I guess - and by my measure A STUNNING SUCCESS (as could be described many things, such as tasering a rabid dog for example).  Next show in December!!

zacht automaat

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