Thursday, July 3, 2014

OOPS, 2013 in review

Well, last year I spent all my time in an intensive Electrical Engineering Technician program and I think I forgot to post anything on this blog. Blogging is a bit of a trial at the best of times. My apologies. I still managed to gig a bit and record new music while also learning that the Rds ON value of a MOSFET is a critical parameter when designing power switching systems, etc...

I'm sorry for not blogging better!

The year was not without interest and adventure, but I am having trouble recalling the important bits. I broke my ankle in the winter time and sang back-up vocals in my bed a lot (unfortunately still no lead vox). I played shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the U.S.A. as a member of U.S. GIRLS live band. I played a solo set in N.Y.C. in October, representing ZACHT AUTOMAAT as well. 

Me in N.Y.C. at Silent Barn,
wearing my cape and getting squiggly.

Um... I aslo made a new solo ablum (#2) following up I CANNOT SEE YOU TOO WELL. This new tape is called NOTHING IS THE SECRET TO ANYTHING and will be released any day now (in the mail)! The cover is again by the wonderful KLASSIC KOOL SHOPPE (Alicia Nauta). I'll make another post about that when it arrives!

Oh, well, so I might have missed some stuff, but who really needs all the details anyway...

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