Monday, November 1, 2010


This is the SIXTH record by ZACHT AUTOMAAT

This one is more spontaneous and includes longer stretches of improvisation. We were heading into the Canadian interior at the time and were feeling wild and loose. The album opens with a delicate spontaneous waltz dedicated to natural processes (growth of some seed somewhere). We cover French band LARD FREE in passing, use an old 9/4 bassline to sinister effect, percuss madly with tape effects and reprise with a crowded but friendly little number about moving water. There is also a really questionable (awesome) never ending drum and home-made synth track on side two. Side two is a banger. This is one of my favourites as it was the least calculated of our efforts and therefore still fresh and exciting to me...

The camping trip was a rainy disaster that I have fond memories of. Side one was made while imagining the wilderness, side two was made after experiencing the wilderness. Named after a restaurant in Ontario, maybe Napanee ... McLean saw the sign while on field duty. We liked the words.

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