Saturday, March 12, 2011


I first became interested in music when I discovered a notation program on our AMIGA 3000 home computer. The program was called Deluxe Music Construction Set (from 1986) and it allowed me to plop notes down onto sheet music and play them back. It used DIGITIZED sounds (meaning samples of instruments) instead of the MIDI soundbank of PC technology, but only allowed for FOUR notes playing simultaneously. Chords were unheard of, I made everything out of fragments of melodies. The faux-classical era is marked by terribly plodding dirges and a tendency to always return to root notes and have no satisfying repetition of the good bits. I also tried to make pop music mostly based on TV background music and computer game music and several prog rock records from Value Village. I made hundreds of songs on this thing. I have two cassette tapes from that era. Here are some edited versions of my favourites from when I was 14 years old and dead serious ...

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