Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm playing live backing up the alchemical frontman of PLASTIC FACTORY (choice covers from the golden era), SLIM TWIG. He's enlisted myself, LOUIS PERCIVAL (see below) and Tim from Philly to play his new shit live (and some old shit, too). I'm trying my best to keep up with his new piano and organ dominated pop hits- skewed forms and all. We'll give him more space to prowl than he's had lately (having spent a year or two playing solo) which is exciting, as this mysterious motherfucker is one genuine front-man. It's nice to get a chance to back-up a friend who has been very supportive of my stuff, and to play his sweet RMI Electric Harpsichord.

Check out this S L I M T W I G

This is Ron Mael from SPARKS playing an RMI 368x

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