Sunday, March 25, 2012


There Is No Secret (A Passing Phase 2) by CARL DIDUR

This is a new song from last evening. I took a break from the final assembly of the new ZACHT AUTOMAAT double album and made this. It is an attempt to bring melodic phasing into the (ever expanding) world of pop. Drawing from live experience with tape loops and drum machine syncing I added live drum machine over a phased construction. These loops were made in the computer but the principal is the same as at my Halo Halo show last November, where I used 1/4 tape loops and tried to lock in the drum machine manually. It's awkward but possible in a controlled environment. The source material is me playing guitar and McLean playing organ in 2011. I am always torn, in these types of songs, with the decision to add melody or not. I can hear so many possibilities but I don't want to get in the way of the subtle rhythmic happenings created by phasing. It might me long and anticlimactic but I do like this one. It sounds different than my other recent doings.


  1. How come downloading is disabled?

    1. It was very new, I had to let it sit for a minute to make sure I didn't get cold feet.
      It is downloadable now, for all mankind.